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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is our first visit to Scotland! Is there a special meeting point at the airport?

Leave it to us! We shall MEET YOU! Your chauffeur shall be displaying a name card with your details clearly shown! They shall introduce themselves before directing you to your waiting vehicle. Assistance will be given with luggage.

Our plane has been delayed! Resulting in our late arrival!

Don’t worry! We shall be there to meet you, regardless of time. Arrival times are always checked. This ensures your waiting is kept to an absolute minimum.

We are travelling with our children…do you have arrangements for their seating?

Yes, advance booking will ensure children’s booster seats are available!

A member of our party travels with the aid of their wheelchair, what facilities do you have?

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can be requested. Be sure to highlight all your needs when booking as we are always happy to assist.

After deciding our day’s itinerary, we would like to make an unscheduled stop at the Heritage Centre!

No problem, it’s simple to change! Plans already made can be altered to accommodate the wishes of your party!

We don’t have a bank card and usually make payments by cheque! Can we still pre-book?

That’s fine! Payment by cheque is also acceptable!

Is there any charge for making payment by credit/debit card?

There is no processing fee for credit/debit cards.

Can we have the same chauffeur/guide for all our travel requirements?

We do our best to ensure you have the continuity of same guide.

What if we have to cancel?

We recognise that in today’s world, itineraries can suddenly change! You will appreciate however that lost bookings involve costs to ourselves. Please see our Terms & Conditions (Cancellations)

How shall we know our car has arrived to collect us?

Your driver shall make themselves known by appropriate means. i e: Introducing themself at reception, telephone call/text etc.

Our flight details have changed!

Simply call our office with your revised details and we shall do our very best to meet your requests.