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How many lochs in Scotland

How many lochs in Scotland?

Scotland is filled with more than 30,000 beautiful freshwater lochs. Ranging from small lochans to large lochs, including Loch Lomond and Loch Ness.

Top 30 Scottish Lochs

Loch Ness

Location – Inverness

This loch is perhaps the most renowned loch in Scotland by name. Unsurprisingly, it generates the greatest number of tourists that are drawn to the tale of the Nessie Monster. Furthermore, this is one of the biggest lochs on the list and the surrounding area is very nice and colourful.

Loch Lomond

Location – between Stirlingshire and Dunbartonshire county

This loch is well-known due to its proximity to both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Around the loch, a plethora of activities have sprung. Such activities include an hour-long cruise, castle tours and visiting distilleries. You can also hike the national park nearby, which is an excellent adventure. Although it is wider in the south, the narrower northern half is more picturesque.

Loch Fyne

Location – west of Argyll and Bute

This loch is known for its oyster fishing. The loch’s name was given to the once-locally owned Loch Fyne Oysters as a result. There was a training centre at Loch Fyne during WWII. Educating people on the proper use of landing boats and the establishment of a beachhead.

Loch Tay

Location – Perth, Kinross and Stirling council areas

The medieval province of Breadalbane was originally defined by Loch Tay’s watershed. The Loch also seems to lie on the outskirts of Pictland. At Balnahanaid, an Early Christian graveyard was discovered, as well as other upland habitation sites. Furthermore, people began to farm the higher altitudes around the loch in the Middle Ages. So they used the land and water to cultivate various plants for food.

Loch Leven

Location – Glencoe

This area has some of Scotland’s highest peaks, as well as many rest spots. Furthermore, the rest spots provide breathtaking vistas you can enjoy. Loch Leven in Glencoe is one of the nicest loch that Scotland has.

Loch Katrine

Location – Perthshire

This loch is the other major loch in the Trossachs. The Sir Walter Scott steamer made this loch very famous and has been streaming this loch for over a century. The crystal blue waters of Loch Katrine are home to a plethora of wildlife. There is also a 21 kilometre walking and cycling trail connecting Trossachs Pier and Stronalacher.

Loch Awe

Location – Argyll and Bute

This loch has a lot to offer, with towering mountains and a castle on one end and a tranquil woodland on the other. Also, this long, thin swath of water is surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas. Additionally, they rise above 1000 meters and are reflected in its gleaming surface. Loch Awe also has a very stunning castle.

Loch Earn

Location – Perth, Kinross and Stirling

This loch is unique in that it appears to have its own ‘tidal system,’ which is generated by the prevailing wind. The water level in one end of the loch rises due to the wind pressure on the surface. The Beatles stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans in October 1964. They stayed in two of the chalets that have views of Loch Earn. On the loch, they also went boating.

Loch Muick

Location – south of Braemar

This gleaming upland loch is flanked on all sides by steep hills and grassland. Also, it provides magnificent views of the rough scenery. A lovely Victorian-era hunting lodge may be seen on Loch Muick’s western tip. It was reconstructed from a smaller residence for Queen Victoria personally. It’s also still owned by the royal family.

Loch Maree

Location – Wester Ross

This is one of Scotland’s largest freshwater lochs. The exquisite remnants of an old 8th-century church may be seen on the Isle of Maree. It was originally the hermitage of the local saint Mael Ruba. A dense layer of Caledonian pine covers many of the islands and regions surrounding the loch.

Loch Rannoch

Location – Perth and Kinross

The surrounding region offers various activities, such as sport fishing. Furthermore, the woodland area is beautiful for walks and treks. On the southern side of Loch Rannoch is the Black Wood of Rannoch, a remnant of the old Caledonian Forest. It is the biggest remaining section of Caledonian Forest in Perth and Kinross. Also, it is classified as a Special Area of Conservation.

Loch Ard

Location – Stirling Council Area

This loch is a magical land filled with forests and legends. The calm water of the loch brilliantly reflects the reds, oranges, and yellows of the trees that grow beside the lake. This makes it one of the most gorgeous locations to be in fall. The remnants of old Duke Murdoch’s castle is on the loch’s southern beaches. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

Loch Venachar – Lochs In Scotland

Location – Stirling district

The south bank of the loch is forested, with several forest pathways. The trails extend westward along the loch to Loch Achray and the Trossachs. Also, some paths lead over the hills to the Lake of Menteith. The Invertrossachs private road leads to the Venachar sailing club. Between March and October, this sailing club uses the loch for regular racing events.

Loch Shiel

Location – Highland council area

The neighbouring hills are beautiful, but since they are so high and steep, they are rarely ascended. In comparison to many Highland regions that have suffered from overgrazing, the area is forested. On the biggest island, there is a destroyed medieval church. It is dedicated to St. Finan. It may be erected on the location of a cell that the saint is said to have established on the island in the 7th century.

Loch Ken

Location – Kirkcudbrightshire in Dumfries and Galloway

Water-skiing, fishing, and sailing are all popular leisure activities on Loch Ken. Kenmure Castle is located at the loch’s northernmost point. John Murray was the Gordon’s’ gamekeeper at Kenmure Castle, and he is famous for catching the world’s largest pike in the loch.

Loch Etive

Location – Argyll and Bute

The Falls of Lora, the world’s second-greatest tidal falls, protect the entrance to Loch Etive. This loch is one of the most beautiful lochs in the entire Scotland. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and flanked by the gentle colours of the Scottish landscape.

Loch Morar

Location – Lochaber

It is Scotland’s fifth-largest loch by surface area and the British Isles’ deepest freshwater body. The surroundings are truly amazing, with natural woods and open hillside. Also, there are sheep and cow grassland and planted mixed coniferous woodlands.

Loch Tummel – Lochs In Scotland

Location – Perth and Kinross council area

Anglers fishing for brown trout and pike flock to Loch Tummel. The Loch Rannoch Conservation Association is in charge of fishing and issuing licences. During the spring and summer, the loch is also highly popular with campers.

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Loch Arkaig

Location – Lochaber

This loch is one of the many east-west lochs carved out by the glaciers in the Western Highlands. The Commando Memorial marks the entrance to Loch Arkaig. The memorial recalls the commandos’ use of the region, particularly Achnacarry, as a training site between 1942 and 1945.

Loch Linnhe – Lochs In Scotland

Location – west coast of Scotland

The spectacular landscape and sunsets at Loch Linnhe is a unique appeal for photographers. This unusual setting attracts not just photographers, but also other outdoor enthusiasts.

People who love kayaking, fishing, sailing, and strolling will find this loch amazing. The Loch is teeming with wildlife, with numerous seals taking use of its little islets.

Loch Coruisk – Lochs In Scotland

Location – Isle of Skye

This loch is a breathtakingly magnificent location. Accessible via a multi-hour, difficult trek. Alternatively, you can also go by boat from Elgol’s little dock, which means you’ll have the amazing beauty almost entirely to yourself.

Loch Ewe

Location – Wester Ross

This loch has long served as a gathering centre for nautical commerce. It was used like a gathering centre because of its harsh and difficult landscape. Around 1610, the Poolewe region near the head of Loch Ewe was developed. So it was made around an iron furnace that used charcoal generated in the adjacent trees as fuel.

Loch Broom

Location – Ross and Cromarty

The peak of Ben More Coigach guards the entrance to Loch Broom. To the west, it has a spectacular view of Gruinard Bay and Gruinard Island. The loch is also an important animal habitat, and cormorants rest on the rocks protruding from the water.

Loch Shin

Location – North West Highlands

This loch is long and thin, around 18 miles long and 1 mile wide. This loch offers a variety of activities in the summer, as well as excellent salmon and trout fishing. Also, wildcats, otters, and ducks are among the animals that may be seen in the region.

Glencoe Lochan

Location – north of Glencoe village

Glencoe Lochan is a coniferous woodland in one of the most picturesque locations. Furthermore, the peaceful lochan is surrounded by trees, with towering mountains. The mountains provide a lovely backdrop that is mirrored in the crystal blue waters. Also, Glencoe Lochan is a wonderful trekking destination as well. Additionally, the Glencoe lochan has a variety of graded walking trails which are great for all hikers.

Loch Chon

Location – west of Aberfoyle village

The greatest time to see this stunning water scape, which is cloaked in deep woods, is in the autumn. At this time, the wooded banks burst with a rainbow of vibrant colours and create a great view. Also, the tale of the kelpie, a supernatural aquatic monster thought to live in these waters, was born at this loch. So it’s a lot more interesting when you hear about this legend.

St Mary’s Loch

Location – between Selkirk and Moffat

The area is well-known for its natural beauty, scenic views, and history. The remnants of the old Pele towers, which were used to defend residents from Border invasions, is worth seeing here. Also, the Ettrick Valley monument is another great location to visit.

Loch Assynt

Location – Sutherland

Ardvreck Castle is the most famous landmark on this loch. It’s a magnificent 16th-century ruin perched on a peninsula. Also, it’s overlooking the loch’s eastern banks.

According to folklore, the MacLeods’ presumed lost daughter did not die. But instead resides in the underwater caves as the so-called Mermaid of Assynt.

Loch Lochy

Location – Lochaber

According to legend, a supernatural entity known as the River Horse emerges from the lake. Once it is out, it assumes the form of a horse before feasting on the loch’s shores. The River Bull, a benign, innocent monster who would come from the lake onto the cow field, is another creature that appeared in this loch.

Tours of Scottish Lochs – How Many Lochs In Scotland

Visiting Scotland, without viewing at least some top lochs, is an experience you don’t want to miss. There is plenty to see at each of these locations, and organizing a tour to the lochs is the best way to do it. You get an amazing itinerary with plenty of sights to visit and even more activities to do. So don’t hesitate to contact us right away and get a quote for one of our tours of the Scottish lochs.