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Luxury whisky tours Scotland

Luxury whisky tours Scotland

In Scotland, whiskey production is a significant industry. There are over 120 operating distilleries scattered over five whisky regions. The ‘drink of life,’ as it’s called, is Scotland’s most popular export. The process of making the golden elixir is intriguing, but it takes a long time. To be properly labelled as ‘Scotch,’ a whiskey must be at least three years old and created according to the ‘Scotch Whisky Regulations’. Many distilleries provide luxury whisky tours in Scotland so you may experience the flavours of their whiskies. Also you can learn from their knowledgeable staff, and see where the whiskies are made.

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What makes our tours luxury?

Our luxury whisky tours are one of a kind because with us you get a personalized experience. Also you travel to the location and back from it in style with a personal chauffeur service and vehicle. It’s the perfect way to book a luxury whisky tour because all you have to do is show up and enjoy your day.

Whisky tours Scotland

If you’re in Scotland you have to go on one of the whisky tours they have to offer. They are truly a great and enjoyable experience for everyone. Here are a few of the best distilleries in Scotland divided by the famous whisky regions.

Highland Luxury Whisky Tours

The changing environment of shoreline and mountain, makes for a special whisky here. Because of the varying weather conditions, Scotch made in this area is distinct and unique from distillery to distillery. Some are fresh, light, and grassy, while others are peated, strongly sherried. Some also have a saline flavour from the sea.

The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet Distillery provides visitors with everything they might want from a whiskey tour. The visitor centre is contemporary, spacious, and excellent. Also the new distillery addition features a large, spectacular room. Add in a kind greeting and a thorough tour, and Glenlivet should be on everyone’s list of “must see” distilleries.

Highland Park Distillery

Highland Park is regarded as the best all-around malt whiskey in the world. This means that this distillery has become a destination for whiskey connoisseurs from all over the world. It also implies that it is a must-see for everybody who comes to visit. The huge property features elegant stone structures in the distillery’s main working area. These structures are flanked by no less than 26 warehouses.

Hearach, Tarbert, Isle of Harris

You’ll find an open door at the Harris Distillery, as well as an energetic workforce. They are always eager to share tales and offer you a taste of true island hospitality. The tours will take you behind the scenes of the distillery and allow you to see the core of the business. Each subsequent visit will bring you closer to island life. It will also improve your awareness of the distillery. Furthermore it will show you how Harris manufactures its spirits, guided by expert local employees.

Cardhu Distillery

Cardhu Distillery has to be one of Speyside’s best-located distilleries. It is placed in well-kept gardens excellent for picnics, complete with picnic tables. Also it’s high on the hills on the north side of the River Spey valley, with broad views to Ben Rinnes in the south. It is a distillery whose single malts are well-known around the globe. Particularly in southern Europe, and whose output is also included in Johnnie Walker mixes.

The Dalmore Distillery

Dalmore’s setting is as beautiful as any in Scotland. It has a view across the Cromarty Firth to the Black Isle, with a line of abandoned oil rigs anchored along its length. The tourist centre takes up a large portion of the ground level of the stone structure closest to the water’s edge. The distillery offices are upstairs, and they’re partly lined with oak panels. The panels are from a stately home on the Black Isle that was about to be demolished many years ago. A friendly greeting area is paired with a shop where you may purchase Dalmore whiskies and more.

Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery

The Aberfeldy Distillery is the Dewar’s whiskey brand’s “Flagship” tourist centre. The award-winning visitor centre includes a video exhibition, interactive displays, and audio tours. It also has a wealth of artefacts detailing the history and promotion of the Dewar’s brand.
The beautiful thing about this distillery is that it seeks to delight the entire family. Even little children are welcome to take a tour in this distillery.

Edradour Distillery

Edradour is the final long-standing remnant of the traditional farmhouse distillery tradition. The yearly output of 240,000 bottles would be produced in less than a week by a major Speyside distillery’s stills. Edradour’s “standard” single malt is currently a ten-year-old highly rated Highland malt. It has a distinct and appealing overtone of salt and seaweed. This is much more reminiscent of an island whiskey.

The Macallan Distillery

The Macallan’s new distillery and tourist centre, which is claimed to be Scotland’s most costly. It debuted in 2018 under an undulating grass-covered dome. The Macallan strives to provide a memorable experience for its guests. A tour that lasts longer than others and exhibits that go into greater detail on areas of Scotch whiskey production. The tourist centre provides a warm greeting as well as a well-stocked shop. There are some really nice things in the shop and, of course, numerous Macallan expressions.

Talisker Distillery

The single malt scotch whiskies made here have a strong, peppery flavour with more than a hint of the sea. It has been dubbed “the lava of the Cuillins” with good cause.Within the facade lies an excellent distillery that operates on a small scale. They also have a tourist centre whose employees appear to take satisfaction in going above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a great time. As a consequence, you’ll have one of the greatest distillery tours you’ll ever have.

Speyside Luxury Whisky Tours Scotland

Speyside whiskies are recognized for being peat-free and fruit-forward. Apple, pear, honey, vanilla, and spice all play a part in these expressions. They are also often aged in Sherry barrels.

Strathisla, Keith, Speyside

Strathisla is Scotland’s oldest continually functioning Highland distillery. It’s also without a question, its most beautiful. You begin your journey at the visitor centre’s reception area, which is accessible via a courtyard. From here you may proceed to a variety of additional rooms that have been put up to help you get the most out of your visit. The trendy and well-stocked store is one of them, as is a really appealing area designed as a Victorian study with enormous leather seats.

Glenfarclas Distillery

A tour of Glenfarclas begins with a stroll across the courtyard. You also pass between buildings that remain from the original farm on the site. Stopping along the way to see the little waterwheel, which powered part of the production process from 1896 but is now largely ornamental.

Islay Luxury Whisky Tours Scotland

Islay whiskies are dry and peaty in contrast to Speysides. They have a delicate mossy smells and a hint of spice hidden under the smoke. The southern Islay distilleries create strong phenolic whiskies with tar, and smoke scents. Also some have a scent of iodine, and carbolic.

Jura, Isle of Jura

The tastefully put out tiny shop and welcome room will be your first impression of the distillery. The distillery includes several aspects that visitors would recognize from other distilleries. They also have a few that help stamp its uniqueness on the product it produces, as with each distillery. However, by the time you arrive at the distillery, you will realize that no other distillery is as welcoming as Jura.

Lagavulin Distillery

Most steps of the distillation process are visible to visitors at Lagavulin Distillery. The distillery’s has relied on malted barley from Diageo’s Port Ellen maltings since their own collapsed in 1974.The bonded warehouse is not included in the usual distillery tour. However an upgraded tour that covers all other parts of the distillery. It also covers a warehouse demonstration by Lagavulin’s warehouseman may which is one of the better experiences.

Laphroaig Distillery

Laphroaig’s visitor centre is outstanding. The entrance is past racks of Wellington boots with a beautiful shop and reception room. Beyond this, there is a big and well-presented display area where you can learn about the distillery’s history. A lounge for “Friends of Laphroaig” is located in the third section of the Visitor Centre.

“Friends of Laphroaig” is a worldwide organization of admirers of peaty, iodine flavoured whiskey.

Bunnahabhain, Port Askaig, Islay

Bunnahabhain Distillery is distinct from the island’s other existing distilleries. Bunnahabhain’s particular character is first and foremost due to its sense of isolation. The finish on the buildings is a muted grey, with a white strip extending down the seaward face of the buildings. This also distinguishes this distillery from the other in this area. Bunnahabhain’s whiskies are the lightest of those produced on Islay. This is because of the house style and the lack of peat employed in the malting of its barley. Much of the production goes into the globally famous “Black Bottle” mix.

Whisky tours Edinburgh

This region has soft and smooth malts. They have a mild, graceful palate with notes of grass, honeysuckle, cream, ginger, caramel, toast, and cinnamon. The whiskies also have a lighter flavour profile, making them ideal for pre-dinner beverages.

Johnnie Walker, Princes Street, Edinburgh

The Johnnie Walker Princes Street experience immerses guests in the history of the world’s best whiskey. It also provides world-class cuisine and drink. It takes place in the eight levels of the restored iconic building on one of the Scottish capital’s most renowned streets.

Glenkinchie, Tranent, East Lothian

Glenkinchie is delighted to be one of Johnnie Walker’s Four Corners of Scotland distillery. They also distil the Edinburgh Malt, which is popular all over the globe.

Discover the generous essence of the garden house, which evokes fragrant flowers, dry cut grass, and nutty cereal. They also have an uncommon Lowland style whiskey as well. They are available to the public following their refurbishment process.

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